Welcoming 2017!

I am feeling pretty ambitions this week! I feel like I could take on the world! 🌎 I think all this extra super powers are coming from a combinations of things. First, I took a whole week off of what felt like everything! No photography, no teaching at the art school, no pottery and no homeschool. I actually spent a whole week with my family! It was marvelous!!! We all got extra rest, spent time being silly, watched Rouge One twice and made homemade chocolate truffles. The coffee truffles are probably helping me with some extra energy for sure but in all honestly, the time off with my family was the best and so needed. I’m welcoming 2017 and ready for a new year! I even organized my whole kitchen and truly feel like a new woman. Creative juices are flowing, idea’s spinning in my head. I’m ready to step into new things and go after my photography business, Etsy business, marketing and putting more into my blog.

In the beginning of 2016 there were a lot of changes and some of them I needed some time to unravel. I actually felt burnt out in the beginning of 2016 and felt like I needed to protect my family’s time and how much we gave to others. I learned a lot, grew from it all. No regrets, tons to be thankful for and have hope in my heart.

This year our family will be pursuing foster care and the possibility of adopting a child. I’m going to try to post more about life in general and see where life takes us. #2017willbegreat


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