Ella with her big brother and her big sister getting the 24 hour EEG.

Our family is close, it was hard on all of us. I called my son who was still at school to tell him what had happened. It’s hard to hear your 16 year old son cry. Being 5 years older than Ella, he witnessed her go through and overcome so much. Honestly she has been very healthy since she was over 3 years old. Other than going to therapies and had some delays but was healthy. So this threw all of us for a curve. Ella’s big sister had just witnessed her being put on a ventilator in the ER, so she was completely stressed out! Ella’s dad (my husband) met me at the ER and was being as strong as he could. He did better the first day, while I fell apart. The second day I got focused and went into advocate mode, while he fell apart 🙂 I refused to leave Ella, no one could talk me into going home. I stayed with her and asked my husband to stay with our older kids to try to keep things some what normal. I knew they needed one of us at home but I know Ella’s medical history, I carry it in my brain and rattle it off to doctors throughout the years that sometimes they don’t even look at her chart as much as listen to me. So the kids and my husband came up each day to see Ella. It was very hard on them the first day. I watched their hearts sink into their chest as they saw their energetic sister lay still and be one a ventilator.

Thank God she was not on it long! The doctors tests kept coming back negative. Everything looked good. I started asking the doctors to remove the vent and told them. “You don’t know how strong she is. If everything is coming back clear, please cut back on the sedatives and make a goal to remove the vent.” I could see they were still concerned because they had no answers but Ella was beginning to stir more and pull on the vent. She pulled out her own vent when she was in the NICU! My baby girl is strong. Once they removed the vent and weaned her off the strong medicines. She was talking, eating and making the nurses laugh.

We were able to leave the hospital with a Nero follow up. Which went good. All the blood work came back clear. They ran another MRI which came back great. Ran another EEG and the doctor said “It was perfect!” They never figured out what had happened that day but they did say whatever made her sick, She bounced back from it so fast that they could not trace it!

It’s been about 5 months now and she is doing amazing! I still keep a close eye on her but she is back to her normal, silly, energetic Ella that we love!


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