Senior Photos of Cecily Ilana

I have had the privilege of watching Cecily grow from a little girl into a beautiful, inspirational and so talented woman! Not only did I get to watch her grow but I watched my two daughters look up to her. She has had a huge and positive influence on Raina & Ella! Super blessed to have this amazing young woman in my life!  Love you bunches and so proud of you Cec!

Cecily llana, Yellow Flicker Beat Project

This is Cecily llana, She is simply amazing!!! If you have time please go check her out her Youtube channel. She is a vlogger, dancer, actress and truly beautiful inside and out. Click here to check out her dance/music video called Yellow Flicker Beat Project.

The Bender Family

Not a day that goes by, that I don’t thank God for all the things He has given me. No my life is not perfect and yes there have been many hard times but the hard times build character in us and should make us a better person.

I’m so thankful to be married to my best friend, so thankful to be raising 3 amazing children/teens, so thankful that my youngest fought hard in the hospital and survived the odds. So thankful to be able to pursue art and the opportunities my job gives me. I absolutely love meeting new people and spending time with them. Photography is an adventure and is a part of who I am.

Life is what you make it! Never stop dreaming!!!